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PF100 ED

Original price $2,399.90 - Original price $2,649.90
Original price
$2,399.90 - $2,649.90
Current price $2,509.90

FEATURES :1) Built-in lens hood to cut excessive light and keep the objective lens free of dust and rain 2) Effortless focusing operation using an easily accessible focusing knob 3) Built-in tripod socket with click-stop rotation mechanism 4) Long 20mm eye relief for easy viewing — especially for those wearing eyeglasses 5) Rubber housing for protection against shock and damage.


Pentax offers six optional interchangeable eyepieces for the PF-100ED Spotting Scope to meet individual requirements: five fixed-focus XL-type models with magnifications of 22.5, 30, 45, 60 and 90 times, and one zoom model offering a magnification range of 26 to 78 times. All these eyepieces are commonly used for astronomical telescopes and renowned for their outstanding image reproduction. Pentax also offers the PF-CA35 Camera Adapter, which converts the PF-100ED into a 1250mm F12.5 super-telephoto lens for use with Pentax K-mount 35mm SLR cameras. * The Pentax PF-100ED is not designed for underwater use and should not be submerged in water.