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The Deluxe Hardness Pick Set is unique in that, unlike other mineral hardness testing tools that use minerals or crystal points, Mineralab’s picks are made of metals and alloys of hardness values equal to 2 through 9 on Mohs’ hardness scale. And because the picks are made of metal, they are easily ground to sharp points which will not break off and which can be easily sharpened.

Why measure the hardness of a mineral? Because hardness is an important and quantifiable physical characteristic of a mineral and in your effort to identify an unknown mineral, the hardness, if known, combined with other properties, can narrow your search to just a handful of possibilities.

How do you use the hardness picks? Simply scratch a smooth surface of your unknown mineral with the picks of various indicated hardness. As an example, if a No. 5 pick scratches the mineral, but a No. 4 pick does not, then your mineral’s hardness is 4.5. Then compare this against the included table of minerals listing hardness values to aid in identifying the unknown mineral.

What is included in the Deluxe Hardness Pick Set?
Four double-ended picks with eight points comprising 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 on Mohs’ hardness scale, as shown above.
A Glass Hardness Plate (hardness of about 5.5) which, when scratched, quickly distinguishes hard from soft minerals.
A second Hardness Plate with a hardness value of 3.5.
A 100 grit Grinding Stone to keep the points sharp.
Streak Plate for testing a mineral’s streak color.
Magnet to test magnetic rocks such as magnetite and pyrrhotite.
Rugged and compact molded Plastic case.
Hardness Table for 300 Minerals.
Complete Instructions.

Other Features:

All points are stamped with the indicated hardness value, and each double-ended pick body is color coded for quickly finding the desired pick.
Hardness points can be easily and inexpensively replaced without having to replace the pick bodies.
Many other applications, including in the industrial, excavation, and archeological fields.
1 Year Warranty.


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