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Here's a no-worry way to care for your binoculars and spotting scopes ... really any outdoor optical equipment, including sunglasses. The rugged, weather-resistant "click-box" case locks tight to keep contents safe from dirt and contaminants — and easily fits in a jacket pocket or daypack. Now you can carry everything you need to keep lenses clean and clear as you travel: Ultra Brush makes cleaning easier Begin cleaning lenses by removing the large particles of dirt and dust: Soft brush bristles pick off particles for safe cleaning of all lenses. Retractable brush packs up for easy storage ... keeping bristles cleaner when not in use. Vor-Tek Microfiber Cloth — safe for all lenses Now you can get rid of grime that would blur your views! The scientifically-designed microfibers of the Vor-Tek Microfiber Cloth clean off fingerprints and other smudges more effectively than possible with regular cloths. The extra thick, soft microfiber cloth is made for cleaning time after time. Anti-fog Cleaner — effective anti-fog action got up to 7 days Vortex uses a cleaning solution that combines superior cleaning action with anti-fogging properties. How? As you clean, the lens surface is coated with a very thin film — providing anti-fog protection without affecting optical properties. Wipe with Vortex premium lens cleaning tissues ... very soft and safe for all lenses. Meets Federal Specification NNN-P-40B.