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LED 40X-100X-400X-1000X

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Falcon 3000 Series Monocular Microscope An economically priced, precision built, tamper-proof microscope that is unique in design and incorporates high resolution flat field objectives with wide-angle viewing. Features: 10x wide-field eyepiece, locked on with pointer. Monocular 45º inclined head, with 360º rotation. Objectives are DIN achromatic, parcentered, parfocaled and color-coded 4x, 10x, 40x(R), 100x(R) oil (R=retractable). Positive stops at both ends of travel to prevent damage to delicate specimens or optics. Tension adjustment eliminates stage drift. LED Rechargeable illumination. Coaxial coarse and fine focusing. Comes complete with dust cover and instructions. Rack and pinion adjustable 1.25 abbe condenser and iris diaphragm for resolution and contrast control. Built-in mechanical stage allows smooth X-Y travel in 1mm graduation. Spring loaded stage clamp for exact positioning of the specimen.